Learn Auditory-Verbal Therapy entirely online at your own pace.

Learn AVT is an online training course in Auditory-Verbal Therapy for professionals working in therapy with families of babies and young children with hearing loss, to raise them to develop age-appropriate listening, learning and spoken language skills.

Affordable and comprehensive, Learn AVT delivers high quality training, facilitating preparation towards LSLS Certification.

Learn AVT with its updated online resources, has been specifically designed to upgrade the current skills of professionals in practice.

Recognising the rigours of practice, Learn AVT is a balance of synchronous and non-synchronous learning. A series of 61 sequentially developed video presentations allow participants to view and learn the material at their own pace, following a weekly schedule, over six consecutive months. Each video presentation offers extensive guided observations of Auditory-Verbal Therapy sessions by Shefali, a Certified LSLS professional, providing participants the opportunity to learn from direct application to practice. Bi-monthly virtual sessions with Shefali, enable participants to discuss and further analyse the information presented. A well-structured practicum, closely supervised by Shefali, monitors clinical skills.

Learn AVT has been approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language to offer LSLS CEUs.

Upon successfully completing Learn AVT, participants who wish to pursue LSLS Certification and be mentored by Shefali may contact her privately.

The next course will begin in July 2024.

Why Learn AVT has been developed

As newborn hearing screening receives more attention across the world, more families are opting to raise their baby with hearing loss to listen, learn and talk like other children the same age. Families need the guidance of qualified professionals to realise their dreams for their young child.

Shefali Shah created Learn AVT to share her training and her work at Sound Steps in early intervention with over 100 families from India, the UK, Canada, the UAE and Kenya with professionals, across borders.

Shefali believes that training for both course instructor and participant must be rooted in clinical practice. Learn AVT allows Shefali to train professionals, drawing upon her practice in Auditory-Verbal Therapy, so that participating professionals can apply what they learn to their practice under supervision.

Learn AVT offers professionals a choice.

Why you should enrol

  • Learn AVT has been approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language to offer 44 LSLS CEUs (Academy CE Approval Code CE-SSP-21-001)
  • Consistently deliver improved outcomes in children with hearing loss
  • Invest in yourself
  • Upgrade your clinical skills in Auditory-Verbal Therapy
  • Receive CE credits from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language
  • Learn while at work

Who should enrol

This course is for you if you hold

  • Bachelor’s degree in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (BASLP)/Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) or
  • Master’s degree in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (MASLP) / Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) or
  • Education of the Deaf or Education, Hearing Impairment B.Ed.(HI)/ M.Ed.( HI) or
  • Master’s degree in Audiology (MSc. Audiology) or
  • An equivalent degree with a minimum passing score of 50% or more

What you will need

  • High speed connectivity and a smart phone or a personal computer
  • A clinical practice with at least one child who is 30 months of age or younger, with whom to do your practicum
  • Time to devote to training
  • Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.40 on all assignments and attendance throughout the course to earn your Certificate of Learning, with accreditation from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language

Paying the fee and taking the course alone do not guarantee receiving a Certificate of Learning with accreditation from the AG Bell Academy of Listening and Spoken Language.

Learn AVT is unable to support those participants who are unsuccessful in passing the Learn AVT Course. They are not eligible for the Certificate of Learning which carries 44 CEU credits from the AG Bell Academy.

There is no provision to submit alternative assignments to pass the Learn AVT Course.

What you will learn

The Principles, Techniques & Strategies of Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Developmental Milestones in children with typical hearing (birth to 5 years of age)

Coaching and Guiding Families

Delivery of an effective service in Auditory-Verbal Therapy to families

Development of Early Literacy in children with hearing loss (birth to 5 years of age)

Informal and Formal Assessments in children with hearing loss (birth to 5 years of age)

How You Will Learn

View 61 recorded video presentations at your own pace, within a scheduled time frame.

Attend and participate in virtual discussions with classmates every fortnight!

Observe over 250 recorded video clips of clinical practice in Auditory-Verbal Therapy

On-going supervised practicum via video submissions.

Practice session planning.

Participate in a range of on-going assignments including quizzes, essay questions and video analysis.


The Learn AVT Course is an immersive experience!

Shraddha Shirke, India

Shahid Ali, Pakistan

Reham Aboeladi, Egypt



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Choose your Course

Our Courses

Learn AVT

CEUs from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language

Level: Intermediate

Course Fee: We are sensitive to your practice and location

A Foundation in AVT

Level: Introductory

Course Fee: We are sensitive to your practice and location

Learn AVT offers intermediate level training in Auditory-Verbal Therapy that is

  • Affordable
  • Supervised by an LSLS Cert AVT professional
  • Relevant: up to date online resources with each video presentation
  • Interactive: get answers  to your questions in live virtual discussions, twice a month
  • Supportive: personalised feedback on all practicum
  • Learn AVT earns you 44 LSLS CEUs as approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language

Schedules at Learn AVT

  • Each month of training is organised by week.
  • Video Presentations are organised by week, allowing for sufficient time to complete the prescribed reading and related assignments.
  • Every assignment is accompanied by a rubric that details how that assignment will be graded.
  • Every assignment stipulates the due date. Late submissions will influence your grade.
  • Fortnightly group virtual discussions
  • Once course fees have been paid, you will have access to the Course Syllabus that details the Course Outline, the Grading System and the Code of Conduct.

Meet your Course Instructor

Shefali Shah, M.E.D. (Smith College-Clarke School for the Deaf, USA), is an LSLS Cert. AVT professional who has been mentored towards Certification by Warren Estabrooks. She has been trained in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and in the USA where she trained and worked.

Shefali believes that the strength of training lies in its consistency. Participating professionals have to observe and experience the rigours of a complete system in service delivery that is closely interlinked. This builds replicability.

Shefali is very approachable. She believes that professional growth is fostered by discussion and by challenging existing practice, while continuing to be respectful of the contribution of our Pioneers.

Shefali encourages those she trains to constantly examine the ‘why’ of their practice and then to ask themselves “Well… so what?” in order to tap into initiative and creativity. 

FAQs: Learn AVT answers your questions

Those pursuing LSL Certification require to fulfil a minimum of 80 hours of Continuing Education credits, over the three-to-five-year period of preparation towards Certification. (as of September 2021) Your time and effort in training at Learn AVT, earns you 44 LSLS CE hours offered by The AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language that you can then upload in the LSL Registry.
Visit https://agbellacademy.org/certification/ for more details.

Shefali Shah will meet with you every month for 3 hours of live discussion. This discussion is structured around the course material and recommended reading presented in the video presentations and also any questions you may have. Additionally, every submission related to practicum will be followed by an individualised discussion session.

8% of your grade is based on your attendance and participation in virtual group discussions with Shefali every fortnight. While she may accommodate absence on account of ill-health or unforeseen emergencies, you are expected to make yourself available for these group discussion sessions.

As therapists we are conversational and engaging! The fortnightly virtual group discussion sessions are structured to help you refine your skills of engagement and to invite your participation in group discussion or voicing your questions. 8% of your grade is based on your in-session attendance, participation and punctuality.

AVT Direct is sensitive to your practice and location. The course fee for Learn AVT is payable in two equal instalments. The first instalment is due prior to the commencement of the Course. The second instalment is due at the end of the third month.

Access to the Course and materials is provided when course fees are paid.

Course fees are non-refundable.

Learn AVT respects your diligence! You will be able to view your grade on every assignment. You may request to have your Course Instructor share your GPA with you, once a month, as you progress through the course. To be in good academic standing, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.40, the minimum GPA required for receiving a Certificate of Learning.


Learn AVT is approved by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language to offer 44 LSLS CEUs

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